Services We Provide

We understand that there are clients who have experienced the out of the box
"do it yourself"hair color and that it doesn't always perform the way it is
advertised.  Hair coloring is a complex and exact science that demands a
high level of training, knowledge and skill. A thorough understanding of
chemical reactions and the Munsell Color Theory palette along with body
and face shapes, life style choices and skin tone differences are considered
for each design.
Dimensional Hair Color
Low Lights
Natural Base Hair Color
Hair Color Corrections
Haircuts and Styling
Texture Services
Biolage Cera Repair Treatments
Paraffin Hand Treatments
Maintenance Brow and Facial Waxing
Gift Certificates
A full regiment of professional Hair care products for use after a salon visit is
offered to help your hair color remain beautiful until your next appointment.  
Also, it is extremely important to use a UV and thermal protector to maintain
good hair integrity which we offer as part of our professional hair care product
Advanced Color
Studio Services
Amy Bryer